Posted by: Nick Vitale

09 July 2012

Social Media In Football Continues On Strong

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Recently, Arsenal Football Club leveraged social media to welcome their latest frontline member, Oliver Giroud. Arsenal delivered a Twitter campaign using hashtags to engage fans and give away prizes.

  • Arsenal held a Twitter competition to give away prizes
  • The campaign centred around the hashtag #WelcomeOliver
  • The contest prompted fans to “tweet a welcome message to the new striker and potentially win a signed shirt from Olivier.”
  • Winning tweets were added to desktop wallpapers to be downloaded by fans
  • Arsenal sourced “fan generated content to add a social layer to club activities”
  • They “currently lead the Premiership in terms of Twitter followers and rank a very respectable 3rd worldwide.”
  • “The short Twitter campaign saw over 10k uses of the hashtag in 48 hours”
  • The “@Arsenal Twitter account had an increased follower rate of over 30%”

Sports and social media have proven to be a winning combination time and time again. Arsenal is just the latest club to leverage social media and bring fans one step closer to the players. Social media has found a function and purpose in the majority of our lives in topics ranging from sports to online shopping.

Each time a goliath brand such as Arsenal succeed in using social media to engage fans they only add more credibility to social media and its role in society. Going forward we can expect to, and already do see, industries of all types using social media.

All brands can use social media and digital to leverage their audience and this is something Skylab has demonstrated in the past with projects like the Manchester City Auctions, Man Utd Hospitality Sales Website, and even Clipper Round The World Yacht Race.

If you play a role in today’s global sports world and are looking to capitalise on your audience email us at or tweet us @studioskylab



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